Stag Factory brings to you a revolutionary concept and brings the Private Party to you for your Stag Group

Every Stag Party is Designed to be Enjoyed and give you something with Style, Panache, Elegance together with Etiquette

stag-factory-private-partiesSTAG SHOWS FOR THE STAG… Lapdancers, Hostesses, Models, Promotional Models, Waitresses all available for your Stag Party Available on a NATIONWIDE BASIS

Why not be entertained at your home, hotel or country retreat. We have an array of Female Entertainers waiting to entertain you.

Or why not book your Stag Party at one of our Lapdancing Venues Available across the UK, Manchester, Liverpool, London, Brighton, Essex, Kent, and many more Locations. Ask for more details and we can plan your ideal Stag Event.


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